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Brewing is an ancient technique that should be praised for its simplicity, and the tastiness of the finished products. This wiki is focused on detailing methdos for brewing, collected from everyone who has ever brewed anything:Beer, Wine, Spirits, Kombucha, Cider and other fermentables not so related to brewing. (Yogurt, cheese) This is a place for people to find answers to those questions about how simple brewing can be, and this wiki will address every level of brewing from the first 1 gallon batch to the commercial mass production of beer.

Join in and help the world better understand what brewing is all about.

What Brewing IsEdit

While there are several possible definitions for brewing, they all involve the process of making a beverage by boiling, steeping, or mashing ingredients in water. Brewing with malted barley and hops produces beer, brewing with grapes produces wine, and brewing with honey produces mead. Other beverages, like tea and coffee, can be brewed but do not result in an alcoholic product.

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